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"Teaching children the important things, one kid at a time..."
Ruth Elliott

Kids usually WANT to do what's Right ...
IF THEY KNOW WHAT THAT IS! So how can you help them stay on track?

EASY! KIDS want to feel Noticed!   Making a Chart makes it fun!
Using my pictures makes it easy!

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Keep reading below and soon you'll be able to "THANK - DON'T SPANK!"

Many parents say, "DON'T do this", or "DON'T do that",

when they really NEED to give an ALTERNATIVE:


HERE ARE: GOOD behaviors to reinforce

PLUS: A PLAN for discipline when they don't behave...

Instead of telling them what they're doing WRONG,

SHOW them and TELL them

what you WANT them to do! 

Explain beforehand - when things are calm -

what you would like to see.

Remember: "Monkey see, Monkey do"

And always strive to model good behaviors yourself.

An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a POUND of Cure. Prevent the frustration and hurt spanking can cause. My THANK,DON'T SPANK! Chart is GREAT for little ones who CAN'T read, and BIG ones who CAN. It will REMIND them of the GOOD you expect of them, and REWARD them when they DO! 


To teach kids that HARD WORK PAYS OFF! ...read more

Here is a sample of what one might look like (click on it for a closer look)

Even MORE Charts are below, so keep reading!

REMEMBER - NOTICE them doing the RIGHT thing,

So - in SUMMARY, HERE are the 3 EASY STEPS:

1- TELL THEM the things you WANT them to do!
2- SHOW THEM! Make a Chart Like the ones available FREE on this site.
3- TELL THEM and REWARD the GOOD Behaviors at the end of the week!

NEXT: Click "SHOW ME" to learn several ways to make a GoMommyGO® chart:

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