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There are several ways to make a THANK, DON'T SPANK! chart.

You can either print out the: PREMADE samples, or CUSTOMIZE your own.

Here are some PREMADE chart samples:

Chart 1, Chart 2 or Chart 3

(Click to see a larger image)

Get dressed,
say "please/thank you",
wash hands,
eat a fruit or vegetable,
put toys away,
put shoes away,
brush teeth

Get the PDF file HERE

Throw trash away,
pet nicely,
inside voice,
play nicely,
come and go when told,
do what told,
put dirty clothes in basket,
take bath

Get the PDF file HERE

Make your bed,
brush teeth,
wash your dish,
draw picture,
do homework,
quiet time,
go to bed on time

Get the PDF file HERE

To CUSTOMIZE your chart from over 90 behaviors to choose from -
There are TWO ways to do it: the EASY way and the Hard way

1- The EASY way: ENTER your BEST email on the right - you'll get a complimentary download of my customizable behavior chart, (comes with complete instructions) and once in  a while you'll get my newsletter, too!
You can use it over and over again -  just change the name when you 'save' it again!


We promise NEVER to share your email address with anyone.

2- The Hard way: You can make one the old fashioned way: Click on THIS link, print out all the images on the page, use scissors to cut out the pictures you see that describe the good behaviors you need, and glue them down the left side of your own chart, writing the days of the week across the top. Each time your child does one of those good behaviors, give them a sticker (or draw a smiley face) in the box on that row, under that day of the week. Reward them on the last day of the week, or the day you have chosen to be your 'reward' day.

HERE IS: A list of suggested GOOD behaviors to reinforce

AND: A PLAN for discipline when they don't do them!


1- TELL THEM the things you WANT them to do!
2- SHOW THEM! Make a Chart.
3- Tell them and REWARD the GOOD Behaviors at the end of the week!

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Learn to Use Positive Reinforcement to encourage GOOD behavior!

Positive Reinforcement works on ANYONE! Even the ADULTS around you will appreciate YOU when YOU appreciate THEM!

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