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The two sided Portable business card-size Chart is for using out of the home - in the car, on your way, or at any location you want to remind kids how to behave!

Remind them what the rules are, then, when you catch your child being GOOD, let them know you NOTICE!
Make a mark on the box next to that good behavior. When you get home, place an extra sticker on their BIG behavior chart* (the ones you print up HERE)
next to the BONUS GOOD MARKto show they know how to behave in public!

*get your FREE behavior charts



(Here is a link to the portable cards you can print yourself. They are not laminated, and you need to cut them out yourself. But if you don't mind doing the work, enjoy!)

Need more Portable laminated Cards? You can Order them HERE:

Side 1

POSITIVE BEHAVIORS on “Coming and Going”:
1- Come when you are called
     - without a fuss!
2- Hold hands to stay safe
3- Keep your seat belt on at all times in the car

Side 2

POSITIVE BEHAVIORS on “Words and Manners”:
1- No screams or yells - use WORDS instead
(Say, ”I can’t understand what you say if you yell.  Use your WORDS instead, please.”)
2- Say “Please”
(be polite, don’t whine!)
3- Say “Thank You”
(be grateful!)

© Ruth Elliott, 2010

This is an Amazing Offer when you consider the time it would takeyou to do all the artwork, compose, print and laminate them yourself. How many of you moms and dads have that time to spare?

What did it take for ME to produce them? Add up a lifetime of experience - as a professional artist for 27 years (while raising seven children and changing 36,000 diapers along the way!)

All this helped me discover techniques of easier ways to manage kids! And you can have one of them just for the asking (only a Laminated Portable Behavior Card, not one of my kids!). Here's how:

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY I'm offering ONE FREE Laminated PortableBehavior Card to those who request it! After that, you will be able to purchase them for $1 Each, plus postage. But why wait till their gone? Take advantage of it NOW - Just Fill out the form below:

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