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You can MAKE an "I CAN" Book!
Babies LOVE seeing pictures and reading books  - especially if it's about THEM!  You can thrill your little ones with how they are growing by making an "I CAN DO" book! Simply fold a few pieces of paper in half and staple together to make a blank book. Write "I CAN DO" with a photo of your child on the front. On each page, write one thing he has learned to do, beginning with the simplest things, along with either a photo of him doing it , or a picture that represents it!

(IE: Sit up, hold a spoon and feed himself, walk, run, put on his own shirt, pants, socks, etc., throw a ball, catch a ball, draw a picture, pet the cat or dog nicely, pick up trash and put in the trashcan, Helping mommy sort socks, Pick up toys, and put in toybox, drink without spilling, wiping up spills on table or floor, water plants outside with you, wash HANDS, take baths, get into bed by himself, carrying a dish to the table, or back to the kitchen, play with his toys nicely, building something with blocks, playdoh, blow bubbles etc. You can think of tons more as you get going, and add more as your little one advances - to things like tying shoes, making beds, etc.

Each time that you add another picture, show it to him, and as it gets bigger he will see he is writing his own book of accomplishments! Besides being a great teaching tool for him, it will be a memory book you will treasure forever!

Usually before the age of one or two the child will identify with mom and dad, and hasn't felt separate from them. At some point children begin attempting to find their own selfhood. There are plenty of ways you can inspire an identity based on a history of good experiences. One of the best way's I've found is positive reinforcements of good behaviors. The more these good behaviors are reinforced, the more they will want to be a good person. It will become part of their feeling of self and identity.

HERE'S an idea! If you have microsoft Word on your computer, download this page, replace the picture with other images that represent good behaviors your child is learning as he learns them to make a personalized book!

PS - Larger Resolution Files of the Positive Behaviors Images are available at this page (for non profit use, of course!) - Enjoy!

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